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Clinical Hypnosis

A Natural State

Qualified Practitioners use clinical hypnosis to explore and address a wide variety of health and well-being matters.

Hypnosis is a natural state, you are focused and aware of your environment. People describe clinical hypnosis as a pleasant, calming, clearly remembered experience which involves a state of relaxed consciousness.

Hypnosis creates “a non-judgmental immersive experience,” says Dr. David Spiegel, a Stanford University psychiatrist and leading researcher of hypnosis.

Free Consultation

The initial consultation is where the hypnotherapy process begins, and it is one of the most important parts of the process. The consultation gives the Practitioner the opportunity to get information from their client in regards to the  problem /issue/goal. By gaining specific information about each individual client, a Practitioner is able to create a customized session for each client, which will significantly improve the results of the hypnotherapy process.


Below are our most popular Hypnosis Services, however the great thing about Hypnosis is that it can be customized to meet most issues/goals. By coming in for a free consultation we can create and customize a program for YOUR specific concern(s).






 I have been certified in hypnosis since 2018, but recently decided to open my own Studio. After using Hypnosis and Mediation myself with wonderful success; I want to offer the same services to others in a safe and friendly environment.

Janette Harmer                    Certified Hypnosis Consultant 

Phobia Management

Many phobias exist in our subconscious and are learned responses. This makes them particularly vulnerable to hypnotherapy. Hypnotherapy can help you unlearn the fear response, build up your exposure to the phobia, and in time ease the associated anxiety.

Anxiety Management

Hypnosis may help individuals feel relief from anxiety because it eases them into a relaxed and calm state. The method involves a highly trained therapist using therapeutic words, phrases, or techniques to help a person enter an altered state of consciousness. We will also do coaching to teach you how to do these techniques on your own.

Insomnia Management

Are you struggling to fall asleep at night? Are you falling asleep but not experiencing the REM state which you need to rest deeply?  Are you waking up feeling exhausted and unrested? Our Insomnia Program helps you to accomplish your goals of; -Falling asleep quickly and easily, -Sleeping deeply. -Getting the correct amount of sleep you require to feel rested and rejuvenated? -Waking up refreshed and ready to start the day.

Weight Loss Management

Envision Hypnosis Studio offers an incredible Weight Management Program that allows you to work on your psychological habits and addiction, allowing your subconscious mind to help you break free from what has been holding you back from achieving your goal of becoming your best you. 

Standard Smoking – Vaping Cessation Program

Our Quit Smoking Experts help people just like you to quit smoking each and every day with amazing success, and we are confident that we can help you achieve the goal you wish to reach for yourself. 

This program is ideal for anyone who smokes one pack a day or less

Standard Smoking – Vaping Withdrawal Program

Our Quit Smoking Experts help people just like you to quit smoking each and every day with amazing success, and we are confident that we can help you achieve the goal you wish to reach for yourself. 

This program is ideal for anyone who smokes between one and two packs a day.

Sports Performance Program

The mental state of athletes during training and competition is said to impact performance. Hypnosis: Helps to reinforce established sporting goals. Aids athletes to better handle nervousness
Contributes to relaxation
Facilitates stress management
Increases concentration
Eliminates sports phobia responses
Provides the ability to eliminate distractions
Assists in controlling pain Increases performance motivation
Improves bodily awareness

Clinical Hypnosis

This booking covers all Clinical Sessions, some are listed below, but not limited too. We can always customize a treatment session to your specific concern.

Self-esteem issues
Panic disorder
Unwanted habits
Eating disorders
Pain and headache
Anger management, stress/relaxation
Dental pain
Performance anxiety (work, study, sports, public speaking)
Sleep disorders
Stress-related conditions

Hypnosis FAQ


Q: What does hypnosis feel like?

You may be relieved to know that hypnosis (therapeutic purposes) is quite a calming experience. The mind, when in trance, feels absorbed in a zone, lost in thought and is in a state very similar to meditation. Have you ever caught yourself sitting at a stop light daydreaming then suddenly someone behind you honks the horn that the light already turned green? Hypnosis is very similar.  It’s a daydreaming state where your mind is very open to suggestions.  Hypnosis can feel so ordinary that most of my first time clients tell me the same thing: ‘I don’t think I was hypnotized’. “All hypnosis is really self-hypnosis.

Q: Who shouldn’t use hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a common occurrence that we experience naturally every single day. If you are able to read a book or follow simple instructions, you are hypnotizable, but only if you want to be. Although intelligence has no to little baring on if you can be hypnotized, anyone with a severe mental disability, those with an IQ below 70, or children under the age of five may not have the capacity to follow directions or understand what they must do to achieve the hypnotic state.

Hypnosis might not be appropriate for a person who has psychotic symptoms, such as hallucinations and delusions, certain types of personality disorder or for someone who is actively using drugs or alcohol. It should be used for pain control only after a doctor has evaluated the person for any physical disorder that might require medical or surgical treatment.

Q: What can't be treated with hypnotherapy?

It’s important to remember that hypnotherapists are not medical doctors. While hypnosis can help with pain management, it does not cure diseases, like cancer or heart disease, according to the Canadian Cancer Society.

Q: Can I get 'stuck' in hypnosis?

No, the hypnotic experience can be terminated at any time you choose. It is your choice to enter the state, and you can always choose to leave it. If you were left in a hypnotic state by a hypnotist, or from using hypnotic audio, you would either return to full consciousness on your own or enter a natural sleep and awaken after a short, pleasant nap.

Q: Is hypnosis like sleep?

Hypnosis is quite the opposite of sleep. You are wide-awake, you are very aware, and you are actually in a state of hypersensitivity. All of your senses are enhanced, your sight, hearing, taste, smell, and emotions. It is closer to a state of day dreaming or relaxation.

Q: Is hypnosis dangerous?

Hypnosis is no more dangerous than sitting in a recliner watching television. The only side effect will be that you will be very relaxed afterwards. Every 15 minutes of Hypnosis is equal to two hours of deep REM sleep.

Q: Can hypnosis make me do things I don't want to do?

No, you will not do anything that you do not think is acceptable, or against your nature. You cannot be “made” to violate your own values or accepted patterns of behaviour. You would either accept or reject the suggestion or come out of hypnosis all together. You will hear everything that is being said. You are in complete control at all times.

Q: Will I be in control and aware of what is happening while in Hypnosis?

Yes, all of the time. You do not go “out”. “under” or “to “sleep”. You are not unconscious. You are in an alternative state of consciousness with very focused attention. You can hear everything that is being said. Nothing happens without your consent. You have full control. You will, however, be very relaxed and will often feel as if you are just relaxing with your eyes closed, listening to the positive suggestions that are suggested to the subconscious mind.

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