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Inkless Rejuvenation / Brazilian Camouflage Tattoo

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Inkless Rejuvenation was started about 6 years ago by a tattoo artist who started playing around with oils to help restore the texture of stretch marks. Brazilian Camouflage, performed with ink, started about 10 years ago.

What is Inkless Rejuvenation?

Inkless Rejuvenation is a form of paramedical tattooing, that reduces the appearance of stretch mark scars making them not as noticeable.

Inkless Rejuvenation is a technique causing a controlled, precise and targeted trauma to the area, utilizing the latest tattoo technology.

A tattoo needle is used while a mixture of custom serums is simultaneously inserted just under the skin (where the remodelling occurs), causing a minor injury to the scar tissue to help break it down.

This then helps to activate your body’s own natural healing process, which encourages the production of collagen, elastin, and melanin.

The treatment can improve the texture, depth (flattening, smoothing & shrinking the scar), and colour contrast of stretch marks helping them blend in more with the surrounding skin.

It has been proven that you will see a 20-80% improvement after one session.

Similar to a gentle tattoo procedure, without the ink. 

What is Brazilian Camouflage Tattoo?

Brazilian Camouflage is a form of paramedical tattooing used for concealing stretch marks, scar tissue, and skin discoloration.

Skin or scar camouflage involves matching the client’s natural melanin with specialized pigment that is deposited directly in the dermis using a tattoo machine and a special technique.

The technician and the client will test and agree upon the pigment colour.

The ink then works as a camouflage to make the appearance of stretch marks virtually disappear from the eye; giving the area a more natural appearance.

Stretch marks must not have textural issues (must be flat in texture) in order to do this treatment.

If textural issues exist, Inkless Rejuvenation must be done first.

When Should You Use Camouflage Tattooing And when Should You Use Inkless Rejuvenation?

Inkless Rejuvenation is ideal for any width of the stretch mark with either textural or colour issues.

Brazilian Camouflage is ideal for stretch marks, with no textural issue, but that is noticeably lighter in colour than the surrounding skin colour.

Inkless Rejuvenation & Cosmetic Camouflage can be used in combination where it is unlikely to achieve optimal results with just one procedure.

It is important to remember that scars/stretchmarks are permanent and no scar will ever be totally unnoticeable. Every scar is unique in terms of location, size, form, colour, depth, appearance, and so on. Some areas can be treated with just two treatments, while others require multiple treatments.

What To Expect Post Treatment re do this part

There is no real downtime but you will experience soreness, itchiness, redness and swelling which should go away after 7 to 14 days.

Healing can take anywhere from 8 weeks to a few months depending on your skin’s reaction to the procedure (or longer).

Over the next 12 weeks, the redness will subside and the areas will go through several healing stages including various shades, then gradually even out and normalize after each session. (please note: everyone reacts and heals differently this is only a guideline and could take longer).

After two weeks, you may have a bit of scabby skin. You mustn’t pick! Leave it to heal and flake off naturally.

Always follow all pre and post-care protocols provided. Be gentle while you are healing. Keep the area clean and protected from sun exposure.

This is a process so please be patient and trust the process.

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