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Cynosure – Elite iQ Laser

Unsurpassed efficacy on all skin types.

Unwanted hair is a common problem in both men and women.

We can help you get to the root of the problem with laser hair removal using our state-of-the-art Elite iQ laser system.

Did you know the average woman will spend 72 days of her life shaving her legs?

Traditional hair removal methods such as shaving, waxing and tweezing can be time-consuming and expensive.

Elite iQ treatments can permanently reduce hair on all areas of the body, allowing you to prioritize the important things in life.

Think of what you could do with an extra 72 days!

Cynosure Elite IQ Laser

Elite iQ™ treatments offer quick, easy and customized laser hair removal using smart technology.

With a 79% average reduction in hair after just three treatments.

Trusted by Professionals: Cynosure is a name synonymous with excellence in the beauty industry, trusted by professionals worldwide.

Precision and Efficiency:

The Cynosure Elite IQ is engineered with precision in mind.

Its Intelligent QuantaSquare™ technology delivers laser energy with unparalleled accuracy, targeting hair follicles with remarkable precision.

This ensures effective treatment while minimizing the risk of damage to surrounding tissues.

Versatility at its Core

What sets the Cynosure Elite IQ apart is its exceptional versatility. This laser system is equipped to handle a wide range of skin types and tones, making it suitable for diverse patient profiles

Clinical Excellence

Backed by extensive clinical studies and a proven track record, the Cynosure Elite IQ has earned its reputation as a leader in laser technology. The system’s efficacy, safety profile, and versatility make it a trusted choice worldwide.

You can now permanently reduce unwanted hair with a treatment personalized to your specific skin type!

Fully Customized Treatment

Utilizing Skintel™, the first Health Canada and FDA cleared melanin reader on the market; which adjusts to your exact skin type,
finding the perfect setting for every skin tone – from dark to fair to tanned, and every hair texture – from fine to coarse to thick

Cynosure Skintel key features:

1. Skin Typing:

The Skintel Reader aids in determining the patient’s skin type, which is crucial for customizing laser settings. Different skin types respond differently to laser treatments, and the Skintel Reader helps identify the optimal parameters for safe and effective procedures.

2. Melanin Measurement:

Melanin is a pigment responsible for skin colour, and its concentration varies among individuals. The Skintel Reader measures the melanin content in the skin, providing a quantitative assessment. This information helps to set the appropriate energy levels for laser treatments, reducing the risk of adverse effects on the skin.

3. Personalized Treatment Plans:

By offering insights into the patient’s skin characteristics, the Skintel Reader allows us to create personalized treatment plans. This customization ensures that laser energy is delivered at levels suitable for the individual’s skin type and pigment levels, maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment while minimizing potential side effects.

4. Real-Time Monitoring:

The Skintel Reader operates in real-time, allowing practitioners to monitor any changes in the client’s skin conditions. This dynamic feedback enables on-the-fly adjustments to the laser settings if needed, ensuring a safe and efficient treatment process.

5. Enhanced Safety:

One of the primary advantages of the Skintel Reader is its contribution to enhanced safety during laser procedures.

7. Improved Patient Experience:

Ultimately, the Skintel Reader contributes to an improved patient experience by tailoring treatments to individual skin characteristics.

We can safely treat all skin types and areas of the body including underarms, legs, bikini area and back–making Elite iQ treatments the perfect hair removal solution for men and women.


Gold standard 755 nm Alexandrite and 1064 nm Nd:YAG wavelengths.

YES! Men are getting laser hair removal

Men commonly choose laser hair removal as a method to achieve smoother, hair-free skin.

Over the years, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of men seeking this cosmetic procedure.

Reduced Maintenance:
Men often appreciate the convenience of laser hair removal because it reduces the need for regular maintenance. Unlike shaving, which needs to be done frequently, laser hair removal provides a longer-term solution, saving time and effort in the long run.

Elimination of Ingrown Hairs:
Shaving can sometimes lead to ingrown hairs, causing discomfort and irritation. Laser hair removal helps prevent ingrown hairs by reducing the frequency of shaving, resulting in smoother skin.

Improved Skin Texture:
Laser hair removal not only removes hair but can also contribute to improved skin texture. It may reduce issues such as razor bumps, redness, and irritation associated with other hair removal methods.

Enhanced Athletic Performance:
Athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts often choose laser hair removal for a sleeker look. Without the distraction of body hair, muscle definition becomes more visible, contributing to a more streamlined and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Tattoo Visibility: – Must be done before the skin is tattooed
For men with tattoos, laser hair removal can enhance the visibility and definition of their ink. Removing surrounding hair allows tattoos to stand out more prominently.

Hygienic Benefits:
Laser hair removal can contribute to better hygiene, particularly in areas where excessive hair growth may lead to increased sweating and odour. Smooth skin is easier to clean and maintain.

Self-Confidence and Body Image:
Many men choose laser hair removal to boost their self-confidence and achieve their desired aesthetic. Smooth, hair-free skin can positively impact body image and make individuals feel more comfortable in their own skin.

Career and Professional Image:
In certain professions, a clean and well-groomed appearance is crucial. Laser hair removal can help professionals maintain a polished and professional image in the workplace.


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